Why This Began

Many years ago I was just a simple network admin doing my mundane job and loving it. Back then security was simple because it was hard to find a network via phone lines and we could log everything. Literally everything. Today, all that has changed.

Most, I would say 90%, hacks are pulled off by some kid using tools some other kid developed. No one earns their way anymore. Movements like Anonymous and such have become a stain on society. Now every moron with a laptop thinks they are hackers because the downloaded Kali linux or some other pentest distro and learned how to use wifite. It is sad really.

So let me be the first to say it, there are no more hackers or blackhatters. There are only script kiddies and teenagers trying to be part of something they do not understand. Call it a movement and any kid or idiot will get behind it. I had a movement this morning, thanks to the Mexican food I had last night, and that movement meant more than any movement we hear about in the news today.

You are nothing and you will die nothing as long as you piggy back on the coat tails of others. Stop following groups like those thugs from Anonymous or some other “we are fighting the good fight” idiots. They are not and you won’t be either. Be original or stop being. I for one am sick of hearing you whine about governments or net neutrality.

Bunch of crybabies are all you are and ever will be.


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