Syrian Electronic Army and Other Losers

I was reading on Hack Read, ironic I suppose, that some degenerates are “helping” the Syrian Electronic Army hack and they have a new weapon or an improved weapon. Fact is, they are using tired old tools with a little new code. None of these morons could have an original idea if you drilled a hole in their head and poured one in.

What I wonder is why we don’t fight fire with fire? The NSA, FBI, CIA and the like are happily spying on us for no reason and without probably cause or a warrant- why can’t they turn their brown eye to the real bad guys?

Everyone is so up in arms over some guy that got shot, who clearly earned it, or about saving the rain forests yet no one is willing to fight a fight that needs fighting. You sheeple amuse me.

So the government(s) don’t feel like protecting the internet so someone should. I don’t know who since you are all cowards, but someone should. Right sheeple?

I’m disgusted with every one of you right now.


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